At a glance, janitorial services may seem as simple as they come. Supposedly, your staff only need some soap, water, and disposable paper towels to clean most messes in your office. In a few minutes, your workspace can look presentable to coworkers and may even impress your clients.

But there’s more to hygiene than meets the eye.

If your janitor or custodian fails to comply with safety regulations and standards, your team and clients may be at risk for a variety of health issues, including allergies, asthma, cold, and flu.

Rather than take that risk, talk to the consultants at WrightCo. Our staff provides comprehensive janitorial training to businesses throughout New York, NY.

Meet Our Educational Staff and Team

At WrightCo, we understand that everyone learns a little differently. So to better facilitate learning, we combine hands-on learning techniques with audio and visual demonstrations, in-depth discussion, and thorough instruction to ensure your team completely understands best practices.

Additionally, we recognize that you might not have the means to transport your entire team off-site in order for them to receive janitorial training. To accommodate you, we can send our educators to your office in New York, NY, at a time that best fits your busy schedule.

Develop Essential Skills for Your Business

When you meet with us, you can choose from multiple janitorial training programs based on your industry, budget, and time constraints. These programs will develop your staff’s cleaning and maintenance skills, and these skills will, in turn, help your team maintain a safer, healthier workspace in New York, NY.

With our certification program, your crew will understand OSHA standards, proper sanitation techniques, and janitorial responsibilities. If needed, we can also give your team task management techniques to improve performance and efficiency.

Feel free to browse our list of programs below. 

We understand the importance of price.  Our consulting services and in-service training program solutions are designed to fit your organization's needs, objectives, schedule and budget.

We will send your FREE quote within 24 hours.  To receive a quote click the link below or alternatively, drop us an email with the scope of work or any questions.  Click here to receive a quote within 24 hours.


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